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The Sun Herald's publishing plans

The Sun Herald will produce an Extra Edition on Wednesday that will be delivered free of charge to hurricane shelters across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We will leave sufficient copies so that anyone who would wish to receive a copy may drop by the shelter nearest to them to get theirs.

Due to the approach of Hurricane Ivan, normal home delivery will not be possible.

As soon as it is possible, we will resume our regular schedule of publication, but obviously that will be impacted by the storm.

Every day that we are unable to produce and deliver a paper to subscribers we intend to produce papers that will be delivered to storm shelters. We have in place a number of contingency plans to continue publication should our printing facilities be impaired.

-- The Editors

Eye on Ivan

A South Mississippi hurricane journal

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Stock up, you never know when you might need it 

From Sun Herald reporter Melissa Scallan and her travels earlier today:

Hours before Hurricane Ivan made landfall, the streets of Gulfport, Biloxi and Ocean Springs were deserted except for news crews and a few walkers.

The only business that was open was the Sonic in Ocean Springs where a few residents enjoyed a meal under shelter from the slight rain.

Red lights were operational in Gulfport and Ocean Springs but were flashing down U.S. 90 in Biloxi.

Some businesses along the thoroughfare posted messages for those residents brave enough to get out and see them.

The Grand Casino in Biloxi posted a sign at the top of the casino that said, "All Bets Off 'Til Ivan Folds."

The sign in front of an adult book and video store, though closed, urged passersby to "Stock up for Ivan."

Don Hammack

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