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The Sun Herald's publishing plans

The Sun Herald will produce an Extra Edition on Wednesday that will be delivered free of charge to hurricane shelters across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We will leave sufficient copies so that anyone who would wish to receive a copy may drop by the shelter nearest to them to get theirs.

Due to the approach of Hurricane Ivan, normal home delivery will not be possible.

As soon as it is possible, we will resume our regular schedule of publication, but obviously that will be impacted by the storm.

Every day that we are unable to produce and deliver a paper to subscribers we intend to produce papers that will be delivered to storm shelters. We have in place a number of contingency plans to continue publication should our printing facilities be impaired.

-- The Editors

Eye on Ivan

A South Mississippi hurricane journal

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Riding out the storm and schools question 

From Laura Jaudon-Booth:

Well, it was a restless night for us parents, but thank you Jesus, that our kids slept thru the worst of it. They woke up disappointed that it was over -- kids!!! Fortunately, we lost nothing. Our neighbor lost cable, but not having cable for over 15 years, we don't miss it. Drove thru town before noon and saw very little damage -- few trees down, but only one house that had a small tree limb on it's garage, few businesses had blown over signs, but it was mild compared to other storms in Biloxi's past.

Funny part is that my sister from Texas kept calling, panicking enough for all of us. She did enough for several families! But bless her loving heart, she meant well. We kept an eye on the storm and are in a brick house, at 27 feet above mean sea level, that withstood Camille. We felt confident that we were doing the right things by preparing for the storm, keeping the children calm and staying put. The nighmare of getting out of town was not an option, so we just prepared, prepared, prepared.

Honestly, I don't think we were as prepared for a Catagory 4 or 5, but what we did kept us safe in this one. So, I'd like to thank those of you who prayed for those of us who stayed. The sun is shing brighter than ever as I write this, which just reminds me of His mysterious ways even more.

Now on to the clean-up and helping out our neighbors with their clean-up. Looks like that chainsaw won't be getting as much work-out as we thought. Thank you Jesus for looking after us here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. God be with those less fortunate than ourselves.

P.S. When will Biloxi Schools start back? I've got some BORED kids here!!!! LOL

Schools in South Mississippi are resuming class Monday. Employees will report Friday.

Don Hammack

Don Hammack is a staff writer for the Sun Herald. He can be reached at or
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